Baubay Singapore

Baubay Singapore is your solution to quality and affordable bidet! Baubay Singapore carry a simple range of products that is sufficient for the normal bidet users! Our products are straightforward and direct, no frills just functionality. It is key that our product is convenient for you. Our bidets are easy to install and it lets you remove for washing with simple steps. It is also simple to function. Our bidets also come in different shape and sizes to match different toilet seats. It also comes with a bracket that has a wide range in terms of the distance between the mounting bolt of the toilet bowl. So you need not have to worry about it not being able to install. But we still recommend you to double check the dimensions before purchase! If you are interested to know more about bidets, do check out our About page. It will give you more information and benefits of using a bidet.

bb301 bidet


bb302 bidet