Baubay Bidet Products

Here at Baubay Singapore, we currently have 3 bidets that is fitted for your everyday use. The usage of the terms bidet/ bidet seats/ bidet shower toilet is starting to pick up in Singapore as people start to learn about bidet and its benefits. It is also more hygienic and definitely less messy when compared to using a traditional handspray. Baubay bidet are just the bidet for you, sufficient for any user! Our bidet models are non electrical model, so it doesn't require any power source to use the bidet. Electrical powered bidet are usually for heated seat and water usually for countries with winter season, therefore we do not require electrical bidet in Singapore. However, that's not to say you can't own an electrical bidet in Singapore. Electrical bidets are available in Singapore for its much added features such as dryer,heater water,deodorizer and more. Back to our bidet, it has the necessary functions and features that you require at an affordable price! It is simple to install and also easy to remove. Our bidets will fit most of the toilet bowl, we have catered BB303 to toilet bowls that are shorter in length. If you are unsure, we have technical drawings and information in the product page where you can refer to. If you have any questions, you can email us for help as well! Baubay bidet also comes with 6 months local warranty! Check out our series below!

Model: BB301

Model: BB302

Model: BB303