BB302 Bidet

BB302 Bidet is the second bidet in the Baubay Bidet Series, the functions are similar with BB301.
The only difference is the cosmetic, as it has a slightly different design to BB301.
It has a more contemporary design and is also fitted with brass fittings to last longer.
BB302 is not an electrical bidet model, therefore no power supply is needed for the bidet.
It is a fully mechanical bidet seat.
It has the standard dual nozzle feature, one for posterior wash and the other for feminine wash.
It also has the self cleaning function. The nozzle will clean itself before it extends out for washing and once more when it retracts after washing.
This will keep the nozzle clean and free from bacteria.
Also, both the toilet seat and toilet seat cover are equipped with soft close to prevent it from slamming down accidentally causing unnecessary noise and risk of spoiling the toilet seat.
The BB302 bidet seat is easy to install as many of our customers have installed it themselves.
It also has a simple removal function, with just a press off a button you can slide the bidet seat off the toilet bowl.
So it is convenient for you to clean your bidet seat or toilet bowl.

BB302 Bidet Features:
- Dual Nozzle for posterior and feminine wash.
- Water Pressure control.
- Soft Closing for Seat and Cover.
- Self cleaning nozzle
- Slide out function for easy cleaning, installation or removal.
- PVC Fittings
- Dist. Between Mounting Bolt for Toilet Bowl:
136mm ~ 174mm
184mm ~ 222mm


SGD$190 nett /

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  • Installation not included.

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